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Red Amaca by Rosemarie Trockel

Photos of “Untitled” red amaca by influential German artist Rosemarie Trockel at the Sprueth Magers gallery space at the recent 2013 Armory Show in New York City. We’re a fan of her work in general, though we’re not so enthralled by this artwork as much as we are by its color. But we do like it more than an a close art critic friend of ours who quipped apathetically that the piece “it would look cool as rug  in our living room.”




Fur-Covered Hand Grenades by Kata Legrady

These fur-covered hand grenades by Hungarian artist Kata Legrady are part of a series of works where ordnance and weapons are covered with the materials of luxury. The grenades were recently on show in New York by the Pekin Fine Arts gallery at the Armory Show. The artist is based in Hannover, Germany.



“The Beijing Motor Show” by Martin Parr

We love this photo by influential British photographer Martin Parr. The image is part of a series of photos shot in China. It shows a Chinese military officer taking a photo of a car and model at the Beijing Motor Show. Parr has recently had an exhibition of his recent work at Pekin Fine Arts, a major gallery in Beijing. We caught some of this work at the gallery’s booth at the recent Armory Show in New York City.



A Nod to Marcel Duchamp at the Armory Show

There was some site specific work created especially for the Armory Show this year, including this working urinal — yes, it actually flushes — in the Pierogi gallery booth on Pier 94. The artwork by artist Andrew Ohanesian is an update on, and homage to, Marcel Duchamp, who was a seminal figure at the first Armory Show a hundred years earlier.





“Target” by Type A at Monique Meloche Gallery Booth … At the 2013 Armory Show

We love this neon artwork titled “Target” by Type A, which we spotted at the Monique Meloche gallery booth. Type A is the moniker for the collaboration of New York-based artists Andrew Bordwin and Adam Ames. The artwork is a rendering in neon light of the illustrated image of a gun-wielding thug used on the paper targets at police gun ranges.