The image of Tyler the Creator, one of the leading members of hip-hop group Odd Future (Wolf Gang Kill Them All) is the subject of this street art in the trendy De Pijp neighborhood of Amsterdam.

We stumbled upon these beautiful old-school world maps at the Sunday flea market held at Westerpark in Amsterdam. The vintage 20th-century maps are in Dutch and of the type you find hanging on the walls of school rooms and libraries.

It’s a bit crudely rendered and droll, but we like stumbling upon¬† this stencil street art of an airplane in Amsterdam. The silhouette is positioned relative to a pair of yellow spray-paint strokes on a utility box, such that the lines appear like contrails off each wing.

“Bear Market” Street art in Amsterdam … Silhouette of a bear and girl on a building construction hoarding in central Amsterdam. This is part of a much larger commissioned street artwork that runs the length of a full city block. We like the phrases like “All systems go,” “Circus Love,”Continue Reading

The cool, lighted sign at Workspace6 in in Haarlemmerbuurt, in Amsterdam. The space is one of the new collaborative, shared work environments in Amsterdam where small start-up companies and design and tech freelancers set up shop to work.

More Amsterdam street art pix … Here a stencil painting on a wall in the city’s Nine Streets neighborhood, in the canal district. The guy in the image looks like Ghandi. The Dutch phrase is loosely translated as “Nothing beats Groningen,” which is a Dutch city far north of Amsterdam.

Coffee Bru is a cafe that takes its coffee seriously. Here at Global Graphica, we are admittedly coffee snobs, and we approve of Bru. The pour-over coffee here is exceptional and awesome. And the cafe’s interior design is a testament to making clever use of a small, unusual space toContinue Reading