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Mural Portrait of Chinese Artist Ai Wei Wei … Venice, Los Angeles 

The controversial Chinese artist and activist Ai Wei Wei is depicted in this new mural along Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice, Los Angeles. (See other related posts on Ai Wei Wei.) Rendered in a style like a pencil illustration, the artist appears serious and pensive, as though he’s staring past you into the middle distance. Wei Wei’s head appears to float in the space of the white-painted brick wall, disembodied, iconic and alone.

“Where is My Passport?” … Street Art Regarding Ai Wei Wei


Here are more of those “Where is My Passport?” sidewalk street art pieces that have been appearing all over New York City this year. Each of these painted questions is accompanied by a stencil image of controversial Chinese artist and social activist Ai Wei Wei. This one is in the Chelsea art gallery district, in front of the entrance to the famous Commes des Garcons concept store.



More Awesome Ai Wei Wei Street Art in New York

There’s been an explosion of these stencil street art images of Ai Wei Wei in downtown New York City the past couple of weeks. Wei Wei is the controversial Beijing-based Chinese artist and activist currently banned from traveling outside China. The travel ban is alluded to in the graffiti message scrawled underneath the stencil: “Where the ‘F’ is my passport?”