Global Graphica is a collaborative blog about what we call “visual culture” – Art, design, photography, street art, interactive media, style and the cultural landscape of cities, its architecture, spaces and lifestyle. Or, to put in another way: Cool aesthetic stuff that we find.

Our editor, Van Corsa, launched the Global Graphica website in 2004 as a personal, curated effort to document the art and design he encountered in daily life around downtown New York City, especially ephemeral art forms, such as street art and public art events, and the ever-changing urban landscape. The project was also the byproduct of his rabid curiosity and cultural interests, and experience working in digital media, design, photography and journalism.

The Global Graphica team has also expanded its coverage to include its travels around the world and its own video, music, and other creative and interactive projects. Our coverage has also extended to our unhealthy obsession with finding the perfect cup of coffee and our compulsion to go surfing every chance we get.

Global Graphica welcomes inquiries and submissions of images, texts, and suggestions from readers and artists around the world. Email us at

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Photo by Seymour Templar