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What’s Outside the Window? – Vol. 3

In our thematic photo series “What’s Outside the Window,” we post a shot of the view from the second floor window of a studio where high-end luxury-fashion images are produced, retouched and prepared for  media. The view in the picture below is looking north out over W. 14th Street in the Meat Packing District in downtown Manhattan. In the foreground, a FedEx truck and classic NYC yellow cab are parked on the cobblestone street in front of the Apple Store.


What’s Outside the Window? – Vol. 2

The second in our photographic series of posts called “What’s Outside the Window.”  Below are pix of the view from a New York City yellow taxi cab headed west on East Houston Street on a recent weekday morning. Seconds before the picture was taken, a man from the garage as washing down the sidewalk with a hose. The women is at one point saying something to the garage employee off-camera and waiting for the water and soap on the sidewalk to run down to the curb before continuing to walk along the pavement.



The “What’s Outside the Window?” Series – Vol. 1…

In a new series of posts, we’re going to take pictures of our view looking out windows from the various places our day-to-day travels takes us.

The idea was inspired by a question posed in the Roberto Bolano novel “The Savage Detectives” and by the pleasure derived from watching city life pass by while looking out a restaurant window or the heady view afforded by 34th floor office.

Below is our first post in the What’s Outside the Window series. It’s the view from a Starbucks at the corner of Ninth Avenue and W. 15th Street in the border area of Chelsea and the luxury fashion-centrale Meat Packing District, in downtown New York City.