Partner in crime Nick, a creative director at an influential downtown New York City advertising agency, took a moment on a recent night out in SoHo to show off and share the awesome three-star tattoo on his forearm. Love it.  

A Bathing Ape (or BAPE), the global Japanese clothing and lifestyle brand started by creator and Tokyo music producer Nigo, is twenty years old. To mark this milestone, there’s an anniversary exhibition of Bathing Ape design and classic artifacts at Daikanyama T-Site, the super-architecturally stylish and utopian Tsutaya-Starbucks shopping complexContinue Reading

Was Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi’s killer a New York Yankees fan? Was his executioner partial to graphic t-shirts? The dramatic newspaper pictures and headlines of the late Libyan leader’s capture and captors suggest so (in typical hyperbolic New York style). Check out the pix of various New York City newspapers below.Continue Reading

Mykita is a maker of high-quality, high-end eyewear. The company has built a much-loved brand around the design and manufacture of edgy, stylish hand-made frames that sell globally to a loyal following. (We have to admit, we are among the brand’s devotees, with a couple of pairs of Mykita glassesContinue Reading