It’s been a while since we last posted photos of fresh street art by “Haculla.” We just haven’t seen as much new artwork from the downtown New York street art star in recent months, but to be fair we haven’t been spending as much time at the spot next toContinue Reading

There’s something so poignant and blazingly authentic about this piece of graffiti and its sentiment. Find it at the corner of Bowery and Houston Street, next the Deitch Wall, in New York City.

We got a nice laugh out of this piece of graffiti we found one of those metal sidewalk basement doors one sees all over New York City. This one is on Orchard Street, between Broome and Grand streets, in the art-fashion part of the Lower East Side. The words “Skim”Continue Reading

Brooklyn-based street artist Bast seems like he’s on a frackin’ rampage with his broad-stroked black tag throwing shade on commercial and commisioned work downtown. Check out this massive tag we stumbled upon Saturday on Grand Street in SoHo, New York City. We’ve been seeing more of these loud, ridiculous tagsContinue Reading