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Truck with Graffiti Art Portrait of Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch … New York

We recently spotted this truck painted with a graffiti art homage to Oscar the Grouch on West 47th Street in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. The trash can-dwelling Oscar is one the iconic group of puppet characters from the long-running and popular children’s television series Sesame Street. Graffiti and street artists have often made made use of characters from pop culture, as in this example inspired by South Park.



King of Spades by Cost, New York

This king of spades street art on Great Jones Street in NoHo, in downtown New York, is by the incredibly prolific artist Cost, and it’s one of the few pieces by him that rely on graphic images rather than on text alone. The King if spades is much less cryptic, but visually way more compelling and arresting than his usual works.

Speaking of “arresting”…  Cost, whose real name is Adam Cost, was recently arrested by NYPD on charges of vandalism. It seems like Cost’s wheat-paste posters are everywhere in New York City, and this had made him a high-profile vandal high up on the wanted list of NYPD’s graffiti-vandalism crime unit.


Update … Fresh Graff at Ludlow Street Art Gallery

Literally within 24 hours of our previous post about the blank black-painted wall on Ludlow Street (“the Ludlow Street Art Gallery”) in New York’s Lower East Side, somebody took a spray-can to the wall and tagged it in a large silver-paint scrawl of graffiti in the crudest way. It would be awesome to actually see some real art instead. But the graffiti signifies the first volley returned after the wall was repainted a day earlier in the ongoing cat-and-mouse game of what the wall looks like.


Street Art … “Army of One” + Cat Stencils in NYC

These cats stencils can be found all over New York City, but we see a lot of them in the Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea neighborhoods for some reason. Of greater significance is the “Army of One” graffiti, which is work and moniker of New York-based artist Jef Campion, a.k.a., JC2, who we heard sadly passed away last week. Campion was the artist responsible for some very powerful street art, especially an artwork that remixed that famous Diane Arbus photo of a boy holding a hand grenade. The artist Fumero, who was an occasional collaborator, has written a brief, moving piece about Campion.






In NYC … Cost x Invader Street Art Poster

The ubiquitous Adam Cost put up these Space Invader wheatpaste posters recently in the Lower East Side of New York. The iconic, classic videogame graphic images is a subtle nod to the presence of French street artist Invader who was visiting New York that week for a film launch and putting up a lot of his famous Space Invader mosaic street-art installations around downtown.





“Ideas” by Claw in NYC


Here’s a massive “claw” graffiti art tag with the word “Ideas” on a parked shipping container in New York’s East Village. The graffiti art is by the graff writer Claw, a.k.a., Claw Money.



On the Scene … Banksy’s 9/11 Street Art in TriBeCa NYC


As part of his month-long October residency and “Better In Than Out” art show in New York City, Banksy on Tuesday put up this stencil street art piece in TriBeCa depicting lower Manhattan’s pre-9/11 skyline with the Twin Towers in silhouette. The artwork is at the base of a building at the corner Jay and Staple streets and literally a few blocks away from the World Trade Center site. Visitors subsequently turned the sidewalk next to the street art into a mini shrine with candles, flowers and a handwritten note (see pix below). When we went to view the artwork late Tuesday night, a small crowd had gathered at the site and a heated argument was breaking out between a man making what seemed like spurious claims to be the building’s owner and a young woman holding a spray-paint can who said she wanted to write the words “Inside Job” on the wall nearby.









Massive “Brooklyn” Graffiti Mural by ATOM

We caught artist Atom Rodriguez working on another of his many massive graffiti-art murals that dominate the buildings around the Kent Street industrial area near the waterfront between Williamsburg and Greenpoint, in Brooklyn. This one aptly enough is called “Brooklyn” and was still a work in progress when we ran into Atom early Thursday morning.






In Amsterdam … Street Art at Sid Lee Ad Agency


Street art and graffiti on a roller shutter at the Amsterdam offices of Sid Lee, a hip Canadian advertising agency, which occupy a sprawling warren of adjacent townhouses and storefronts in the trendy De Pijp neighborhood.









Don’t Be a Square

This cheeky piece of graffiti art on Broome Street in New York’s Lower East Side reminds us of that short animation sequence in the film “Pulp Fiction” inthe scene where Uma Thurman says to John Travolta “Don’t be a square” and draws a square (it’s actually a rectangle) with her fingers.