We just caught up with the first Banksy truck, the one with the “mobile” garden” (a diorama-like nature scene with waterfall, rainbows, etc.) installed in the back of the vehicle, parked at the comer of Bleecker and Thompson streets in New York’s Greenwich Village. The mobile garden truck rolled outContinue Reading

By the way, as some of our readers have discovered, we’re on Instagram. In fact we’ve been there for a while, but we’ve started posting there a lot more often in recent months – it’s such a great way to share stuff that often doesn’t get posted to the blogContinue Reading

We went to see Shirli perform with her Los Angeles-based band the Leftover Cuties last weekend during their New York City tour stop at Rockwood Music Hall.  Great show. And good to see Shirli and some of our L.A. crew back in NYC.

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