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Moleskine Notebook Project: Surfboard Drawings

Here’s our second post in Global Graphica’s Moleskine Notebook Project: Van Corsa holds up the notebook pages displaying felt-tip marker sketches of surf boards, one long board and one short board, he drew while we were sipping espresso. Van was supposed to go surfing abroad this weekend, but had to cancel his plans. We think we know where he’d rather be. 😉


Moleskine Notebook Project: Coffee Cup Drawings

In a new photo series, we’re launching the Moleskin Notebook Project. We’ll be regularly taking pictures of the notebook pages of our soft-cover Moleskine Notebook and the various casual drawings, doodles and sketches on these pages.

We always carry this notebook with us to jot ideas, make lists, write down bits of info, etc., and, of course, to draw.

In the first in the series of posts for the project, we’ve snapped pictures of two facing pages with drawings of the cups in which we were served coffee during brunch at a French bistro in the Lower East Side of downtown New York City.

BTW, this project is not officially associated with the Moleskine brand or company.