Japan Railways (JR) recently unveiled the design for its newest shinkansen, a.k.a., “Bullet Train.” It’s called the “Kamome,” which translates as “Seagull.” The shinkansen is an iconic and groundbreaking high-speed transportation technology introduced in Japanese over 50 years ago. Newer train designs have come online over the decades, especially sinceContinue Reading

This collection of extremely poorly-designed volume-control user interfaces (UI) is curated with tongue very firmly in cheek. It’s a hilarious a conceit curated with a sense of humor. Yet it underscores an important point of design practice. The design of human-computer and user-centric interfaces is important. It has consequences forContinue Reading

This short montage video showcases 100 animation interpretations by 100 different animators. It’s absolutely wonderful. The video reveals all the many ways a simple brief with discrete specific requirements can be understood and brought to life in myriad distinct ways. The clips selected for the video were culled from 2,400Continue Reading

The Type Directors Club (TDC) recently announced the winners of its annual type-design competitions. The TDC is part of the prestigious One Club. You can see all the winning submissions on its website. There’s a diverse body of typographic design, including symbols, Coca-Cola’s Chinese character fonts, and a typeface forContinue Reading

Gas stations tend to be pretty bland and merely functional when it comes to architectural design. Many are drab, dirty and downright ugly. Those that are clean and pleasant spaces to visit usually stick to a tried-and-true architectural formula of bright, conservative and no-nonsense, on-brand spaces for pumping gas andContinue Reading

A newspaper in Finland has launched a new variable font called “Climate Crisis.” The font was designed to reflect the environmental changes wrought by global warming, such as rising sea levels. What makes the font unique is that the typeface weight changes based on updated real-time information from the NationalContinue Reading