Sage-and-cheddar croissant with a sprinkle of black sesame seeds and paired with an almond-milk cappuccino at The Boy and The Bear Coffee roastery and cafe in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles. It was exceptionally good.

This dumpster at a popular beach in Southern California is covered with graffiti and stickers. The meaning of the graffiti is incomprehensible for most people, but for hardcore surfers familiar with this, it can be read as a signpost identifying a specific surf break amid the string of surf spotsContinue Reading

The plant-covered structure pictured here take the term “green building” to another level. The tower is one among several buildings that comprise The Row, a recent mixed-use, commercial urban re-development project that turned the former American Apparel factory and its surrounding area into a contemporary, walkable retail-dining-office complex on theContinue Reading

We recently went to see a small but formidable collection of mostly paintings and some sculptural artwork by the iconic abstract-minimalist painter Frank Stella on view at the BCAM at LACMA in Los Angeles.

We’ve stumbled upon a new obsession the past few months. This in addition to those our other obsessions regular readers may be familiar with: Surfing and espresso. What is this new vice? It’s a Japanese reality television show called Terrace House. You may have heard of Terrace House. If youContinue Reading