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Casa Camper Berlin

Picture of the eco-friendly and beautifully designed Casa Camper hotel in Berlin at night. The room numbers are displayed on the windows of each unit. The hotel has another location in Barcelona, Spain, and was developed by the Spanish shoe company Camper. The hotel aesthetic and ethos are aligned with the Camper brand.

Image de l’éco-amical et magnifiquement conçu hôtel Casa Camper à Berlin dans la nuit. Les numéros de pièce sont affichés sur les vitres de chaque unité. L’hôtel a un autre endroit à Barcelone, en Espagne, et a été développé par la société espagnole de chaussures Camper. L’esthétique et l’éthique hôtel sont alignés avec la marque Camper.



The Green Soccer Journal

The cover of issue number two of the Green Soccer Journal, an arty, beautifully-designed and intelligent “football” magazine published in U.K., features the player Patrick Viera, a former French national team member who has played for several major clubs, including Arsenal, Inter-Milan and Manchester City .



Tschüss, Berlin!

Global Graphica has been settling back into NYC after an excellent, fun and incredibly productive trip to Berlin. We met a lot of awesome people, went to a lot great places and saw tons of cool things while we were staying in the German capital. (We also had some remarkably good coffee and a few beers along the way.)

Our trip and the Global Graphica Berlin Project would not have been possible without the local knowledge, logistical support, and creative advice of a lot of great folks. So Global Graphica gives a big, mighty shout-out and “THANK YOU!” to Imre, Gero, Yui, Angelo, Adam, Sandra, Umbom, Carlo, Cory, Yasmindo, Claude, Claire, Ben, Damian and Haydee, Eric, and the folks at Keyser Soze, Casa Camper, and Bonanza Coffee Heroes. Danke!

We’ll be continuing to post images to the site from the Berlin Project in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned.




South American Soccer Player Mullets

There’s an entertaining photo essay titled “The Mullets of Medellin” in the second issue of the Green Soccer Journal, an intelligent, refreshingly creative English magazine devoted to football culture. The feature has 22 photos of soccer players from Medellin, Colombia who sport the short-in-the-front-long-in-the-back hairstyle. The essay was written by Rainbow Nelson with photography by Stefan Ruiz. Great stuff.


Giant Bear Mural

Street art in Berlin: From the platform of Eberswalder-strasse U-Bahn Station, you can see a massive mural of a cartoon bear running across the side of an apartment building in Prenzlauer-Berg. Love it.

As noted in a previous post, the symbol of the city of Berlin is a little bear.




United Buddy Bears Project

A large collection of arty bears statues in the Ku’Damm area of Charlottenberg in Berlin. The figures are part of the United Bears Project and are dotted throughout Berlin. The project was launched in German capital in 2002. There are 140 bears in the city and these have traveled around the world to five continents to promote global peace initiatives. Each of the bears represents a country or city. The bear itself is significant for Berlin as it is the symbol of the city and appears on its flag and has been integrated into various logos and designs.





West + East Mirrors at Gropius Bau

The haunting “West” and “Ost” (“East”) mirrors in the epic grand staircase at the Martin Gropius Bau art museum in Mitte, in Berlin. The museum’s location is on a street that was once the border along which the infamous Berlin Wall ran. The Wall was literally a stone’s throw from the where the “Ost” mirror now hangs.