Peter Lindberg, the German fashion photographer whose work ushered in the era of the “super model,” died this past Tuesday. Lindberg’s worked at the pinnacle of the fashion world, his photography regularly appearing in the major fashion magazines – British and American Vogue, Harpers, etc. — and captured a groupContinue Reading

German auto-manufacturer BMW recently unveiled a car painted in the blackest black hue in the color spectrum. This black is called “Vanta’ or “VantaBlack” and it won’t be on any for-sale production model. Vanta was famously exclusively-licensed by artist Anish Kapoor for use in his art (and, as some wouldContinue Reading

Artist Brenna Youngblood’s wry painting titled “3 Dollar Bill (Dirty Money)” is on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles.

Late African-American artist Barkley Hendricks‘s photo-realistic painting titled “What’s Going On” is a beguiling image. The artwork is a group portrait evocative of the time and place — early 1970s America –and brings together a lot of themes and ideas all at once: Race, gender, power, feminism, sex, culture, identity,Continue Reading

Like an incredible childhood fantasy made real, “Metropolis II” at LACMA comes to life with the sound of whirring and click-clacking, the sounds of model trains and some 1,100 toy cars racing along Teflon-coated tracks that thread through an architectural complex of high-rises, scale-model monuments and buildings comprised of LincolnContinue Reading

Artist Sarah Lucas emerged in the 1990s as a so-called “YBA” (“Young British Artists”), one of a generation of British artists to capture the attention of the global art world. Her installation artwork pictured here is titled “Unknown Soldier” and is currently on view at the Hammer Museum of ArtContinue Reading

We’ve never heard of Alberonero. Have you? No? We didn’t think so. But now we have, and you have, too. And we’re all the better for it. The artist’s building-scale abstract murals play with color palettes and geometric forms. These create the effect of colorful pixelation on the urban landscape.Continue Reading

Raymond Dunlap’s “Awake of the Whales” is a high-water mark in the Houston, Texas-based artist’s two-decades of output. It’s one of a collection of his abstract-expressionist paintings on view later this month at the Amano Gallery in Osaka, Japan. Dunlap once lived in Japan, and its influence informs his bodyContinue Reading

British artist Matthew Stone‘s paintings are not really paintings. His epic images look like paintings but look closely at the canvas and you’ll notice something is off. Things are not what they seem. Stone’s pictures are really digitally-manipulated and printed images, pre-composed and affixed onto linen canvas. The images themselvesContinue Reading

This artwork by artist Urs Fischer’s boldly stares at you with an equally bolder collage of photographic and graphical colors and patterns. Large art installations and sculptural objects are more typical of Fischer’s body of work, though more traditional, flat 2D images that hang like paintings are part of hisContinue Reading