May 01, 2005 Some Graf Bombed Truck, SoHo Okay, there’s the good graff. Then there’s the really good graff. And then there’s the amazing graff. Well, his truck in the Soho cast-iron lofts district of Manhattan has been covered with graff that falls into the third and last category. ThisContinue Reading

It’s a car. It’s a helicopter. It’s a … “helicar”? No, wait … it’s a n “automocopter.” Whatever it is, it was on the wall of a lofts building in downtown New York City. The car itself looks a lot like a tricked-out Porsche Carrera sports car or possibly aContinue Reading

Pink paste-up of former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell in lower Manhattan. A couple of random notes about Powell. As this paste-up states, Powell is from the Bronx and he is a Brooklyn College grad, so in a sense he’s originally a New Yorker. His son, Michael, was recentlyContinue Reading

Our favorite piece of graphica from the recent Honolulu series is this example of signage and graphic design at Honolulu International Airport. The standard internationally recognized iconography for Restroom, or Men’s Room, has been dressed up with local Hawaiian flavor. Not only has a Polynesian decorative graphic been used inContinue Reading

The famous Sheraton Royal Hawaiian hotel on Waikiki Beach, in Honolulu, is a classic, old-school luxury hotel. Its official logo is its venerable seal, pictured above. As design, it builds on the classic imagery and design conventions of both Western and Hawaiian nobility, and in doing suggests a degree ofContinue Reading