“Sasse” is the name, “writin’” is the game. Nice, quick aerosol up in an empty lot with basketball backboard on East 1rst Street in the East Village. Eventually this will all be gone and in its place … a high-rise with luxury condos and loft apartments for the New Downtowners.Continue Reading

When you see the high-rise Citibank Building in Long Island City, Queens, it looks clearly out of place among the renovated turn-of-the-century industrial buildings (now lofts) and low-rise brick tenement buildings and clap-board townhouses, as if the glass office tower had wandered away from the massive cluster of skyscrapers justContinue Reading

Pictured above is one of two paneled murals depicting actual immigrants living in the Lower East Side or LES. (The other panel can be found here.) The LES is historically the great immigrant hood of New York City, where waves upon wave of 19th and 20th century immigrants — Irish,Continue Reading

Several layers of Krylon ups on this NoLIta building have been cannibalized by several more layers of wheat-pasted street art and promotional graphica. Here’s the breakdown: the star here is the set of grenade images by the well-known Brooklyn street artist Bäst, whose work is partly covered by an anonymouslyContinue Reading

A well-executed and fully-realized aerosol throw-up by “Siker” on the rapidly gentrifying Lower East Side, where spacious, renovated million-dollar luxury loft apartments are now standing shoulder-to-shoulder with crumbling tenements crammed with Chinese immigrants. The real estate boom is on, but aerosol artists still leave their mark. Ivan Corsa Photo