We love this stencil pattern of Marilyn Monroe on a red door in Chinatown. The Monroe iconography works on a couple of levels here, we think. Not only is Marilyn a pop culture icon due to her tragic celebrity as film actress and sex symbol, but she is also anContinue Reading

Real estate developers looking to maximize use of space, as well as profits, must find creative architectural solutions to create new, larger residential spaces within the constraints of New York City’s myriad rules and laws governing zoning, air rights, and historic preservation, not to mention building codes. One work-around andContinue Reading

Here’s a cool stencil we’ve seen all around downtown New York City for a long time. From Tribeca and SoHo to Chinatown and the East Village, this stencil of a Mars Rover-type vehicle is a regular reminder of NASA’s mission to the mysterious red planet in the 1990’s. But wait,Continue Reading

Visual irony at street level: a wheat-paste paper cut-out of a van covered in graf tags. We love it. This piece of street art was found in the East Village. Wouldn’t this image be cool as a graphic tee shirt? We could see someone like Nigo / A Bathing ApeContinue Reading

This piece of graf is in the heart of SoHo shopping district, where all the landmarked cast-iron buildings and mega lofts that real estate agents drool over can be found. The “up” is by “Smart.” Note the backwards “R” in Smart. Highly stylized tags can sometimes be read like typographicContinue Reading

If you’re not looking carefully, you might easily miss this stencil as you’re walking by it on the street because this work is really small. In that way and in the utter simplicity of it — a man’s head –this stencil is a subtle piece of street art. Ivan CorsaContinue Reading

New York City-based Kaws is an art star of the global street art and graf worlds. His work can be found in massive white-wall gallery exhbitions and on the street, as is the case of this black and green sticker, which looks like Kaws’ take on the Michelin Man character-logo.Continue Reading

If it’s pandas you want, then it’s pandas you shall get … at least as far as this example of stencil street art goes in lower Manhattan. The stencil genre has become ever more visible over the past four or five years, with a lot of Australian street artists leadingContinue Reading