. This sublime kinetic, sculptural artwork by Etienne Krahenbruhl is made up of thousands of chimes and absolutely awes us. (It also makes us wonder if this is something we could someday buy at Home Depot for our garden, but we kid — this is a concern for another day.)Continue Reading

Early rock music journalism and writing was unsparing, fun, raw, crude, effusive, deep, indulgent, sexed-up and complicit in the style and sub-cultural codes of the music genre. And it had a voice and a look in the form of Creem magazine. It’s covers vividly captured the rock’s visual style andContinue Reading

It’s now August 2020, which is when, had the global COVID-19 pandemic not upturned life as we knew it, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics would have been happening. it would be more than halfway through its run. Instead, the Tokyo games will be held in 2021. The even will still officiallyContinue Reading

Pioneering Japanese designer and visionary of sartorial style, Kansai Yamamoto has passed away. He may not have been a household name but he had a massive, fashion-forward influence on style, especially in setting a higher bar of how pop music and fashion could come together for theatrical rock stars. HisContinue Reading

“And if you do, never stop” These were the searing copy lines from an iconic advertising campaign in the 1980s by the highly-influential Gotcha! surf brand. The company was started by Michael Tomson, a former South African pro surfer whose celebrity in the surfing world was due almost as muchContinue Reading

It’s 4th of July and in the United States this date is America’s Independence Day holiday. It marks the nation’s birth after rebellion and separation from the British Empire. Although we’ve lived in several countries outside the U.S., including the U.K., Japan, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and Colombia, and haveContinue Reading

We stumbled upon this small, handwritten cardboard “Black Lives Matter!!” sign placed on the driver’s side dashboard of an old Volvo sedan parked on our block. What’s striking is how small the sign is and that its placement on the dash. It’s as if the intended audience would be peopleContinue Reading

The Economist is a publication famously restrained with the design aesthetic of its magazine. When it alters or re-designs the mag (what they still refer to as “a newspaper”), the changes are subtle and might not even be noticed by readers at first-glance. Flashy, the Economist is not. The aestheticContinue Reading