Houston, Texas-based artist Ray Dunlap has unleashed a new series of paintings dubbed “American Made Witchcraft.” This new work delves deeper into abstraction. “The Cloning of the Forefathers” (above) and “10 Gallons of God’s Blood for an Ounce of Gold” (below) reveal Dunlap’s exploration of more fully amorphous compositions. TheseContinue Reading

Somebody’s got a lot of free time on their hands. They’ve got vision. They’ve got yarn. They’ve got a crocheting hook and scissors. They love Italian food, specifically pasta dishes. They’ve got talent. Such a person is Normalynn Ablao in California. And so here ya go! Check out more ofContinue Reading

Japan Railways (JR) recently unveiled the design for its newest shinkansen, a.k.a., “Bullet Train.” It’s called the “Kamome,” which translates as “Seagull.” The shinkansen is an iconic and groundbreaking high-speed transportation technology introduced in Japanese over 50 years ago. Newer train designs have come online over the decades, especially sinceContinue Reading

This collection of extremely poorly-designed volume-control user interfaces (UI) is curated with tongue very firmly in cheek. It’s a hilarious a conceit curated with a sense of humor. Yet it underscores an important point of design practice. The design of human-computer and user-centric interfaces is important. It has consequences forContinue Reading

It’s a small show, but one that packs a punch. Amy Sherald’s collection of five new paintings manage to fill the airy, cathedral-like main space at Hauser and Wirth, Los Angeles with a quiescent power. The exhibition is titled “The Great American Fact.” Sherald’s work, mostly portraits, render scenes ofContinue Reading

This short montage video showcases 100 animation interpretations by 100 different animators. It’s absolutely wonderful. The video reveals all the many ways a simple brief with discrete specific requirements can be understood and brought to life in myriad distinct ways. The clips selected for the video were culled from 2,400Continue Reading