Gas stations tend to be pretty bland and merely functional when it comes to architectural design. Many are drab, dirty and downright ugly. Those that are clean and pleasant spaces to visit usually stick to a tried-and-true architectural formula of bright, conservative and no-nonsense, on-brand spaces for pumping gas andContinue Reading

Prince Philip, a.k.a., the Duke of Edinburgh, and husband of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, past away last week. There was live media coverage of the Duke’s funeral last Saturday. Attendance of the service was limited due to COVID, and the seating arrangements of attendees followed social-distancing protocols. One of theContinue Reading

Artist Fabian Oefner’s Heisenberg Objects is a collection of sculptural works created by slicing objects — sneakers, a clock, a Leica camera. The effect is of exploded-view-like visual distortion. Some of the objects are more recognizable than others, but all reveal the inner workings and parts of the objects toContinue Reading

Would you drive this stickerfied vintage station wagon? We spotted this car parked along a remote stretch of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) near Malibu, California, on Monday. We’re guessing the vehicle is from the early-1970s. The car belongs to a surfer (who is also an internationally famous indie musician whoseContinue Reading

We saw this wheat-pasted poster on an electricity utility box on Fairfax Avenue in Hollywood on Monday. And we thought “Hey, street art!” The poster was cool-looking and cryptic. The image was a simple back-and-white Sharpie-like drawing of a guy or girl with shoulder-length hair and dark sunglasses. Under theContinue Reading

It’s back! And we are so very happy to see it! Desert X has returned. What’s Desert X? It’s the biennial contemporary art exhibition that dots the desert landscape and communities of the Coachella Valley with massive site-specific installation artworks. The art event, now in its third running, is centeredContinue Reading