Gummy Bear Mugshot by WhisBe at Equinox … SoHo, New York

We stumbled upon this sticker of the famous gummy-bear mugshot street art image by the artist WhIsBe on a locker door at the Equinox gym in SoHo, New York City. That’s probably the last place we ever expected to see street art.

The NY x Boston Street Art Poster by WhIsBe

We’ve been seeing more variety and more graphical exploration in the street art of artist WhIsBe in recent weeks. These photos below show one such recent work in SoHo. This New York x Boston wheat-paste poster is on Thompson Street, on the back courtyard wall of the now closed Barolo restaurant. The New York Yankees […]

New York Street Art … “McDictator” – A Nazi Ronald McDonald

This recent street art (pictures below) by the street artist “WhIsBe” in New York City is charged with provocative imagery and is a striking piece of commentary on corporate brands and the military. The artwork is a mash-up of the McDonald’s corporation’s red-headed clown mascot Ronald McDonald and its branding with fascist militaristic images (Hitler […]

Another Gummy Bear Mug Shot … New York Street Art

Another one of those Gummy Bear mug shot paste-ups by “Whisbe” that have been dotting the New York street art landscape in recent months. This one is at a spot where a lot of street art has been popping up lately on Crosby Street, just north of Prince Street, in SoHo.