The French street artist known as Invader (a.k.a., “Space Invader”) occupies a distinct place in the street art world. He has worked in a medium that few others have. His artwork is in the form pre-arranged mosaic-tile pieces affixed to walls all over the world. The mosaic tiles give his images a pixelated look consistent […]

More Awesome Street Art by Invader in Tokyo’s Naka-Meguro Neighborhood

This example of street art by French artist Invader in Tokyo is probably one of the best we’ve seen in recent months. The pixelated Space Invader videogame icon here has been created on a larger scale than most of the mosaic artworks Invader has put up around the Japanese capital and elsewhere around the world. […]

New York Street Art … “Snow White” by Invader

This street art mosaic image of “Snow White” is by the French artist Invader (a.k.a., “Space Invader”) on the wall of a diner in New York City. The artwork is made up of small tiles like all of Invader’s street art pieces, but the use of the animated Disney character Snow White represents a sharp […]

“Invader” Street Art by Adam Cost in NYC

Pictured here is some more wheat-paste street art by the ubiquitous and prolific post-graffiti artist Cost (a.k.a., Adam Cost) referencing the French street artist Invader (a.k.a., Space Invader) and his signature retro-1980s videogame icon. This one is on Crosby Street in SoHo, in New York City.

In NYC … Cost x Invader Street Art Poster

The ubiquitous Adam Cost put up these Space Invader wheatpaste posters recently in the Lower East Side of New York. The iconic, classic videogame graphic images is a subtle nod to the presence of French street artist Invader who was visiting New York that week for a film launch and putting up a lot of […]

In New York … Space Invader Hits the New Museum

Here’s another of the new New York City-themed “Big Apple” Space Invader street art mosaics by pioneering French street artist Invader. This one is at the New Museum on the Bowery and is one of several that have popped up in downtown New York City, mostly in the Lower East Side, the past few days while […]

French Street Artist “Invader” Re-Invades NYC

French street art suprstar Invader (a.k.a., Space Invader) is back in New York City, re-invading the Lower East Side where he’s been putting up some new mosaic artworks the past few days. We spotted this fresh New York-themed “Big Apple” Space Invader piece on a tenement building, above the entrance to the bar Marshall Stack, […]

Space Invader in New York

Invader (a.k.a., Space Invader), the French international super-duper street-art star, put up another of his iconic mosaics on the Bowery in NoHo, in downtown New York City. We just noticed this work, but it looks slightly worn already, like it’s been around for awhile. And we’re wondering — if it has been around for a […]

Space Invader on the High Line

Some recently discovered artwork by French artist Invader (a.k.a., Space Invader) on the High Line in Chelsea, in New York City. Invader is the cousin of Thierry Guetta, a.k.a., Mr. Brainwash, who was the subject of Banksy’s film, “Exit Through the Gift Shop.”

Space Invader-esque

This sticker street art looks a lot like a retro-1980s videogame image a la the well-known French artist Invader (sometimes called Space Invader after the seminal arcade game). But we have serious doubts that this stickers has anything to do with him. His medium is a set a tiles — not stickers — with which […]

Invader Nolita II

New York street art: French street artist (Space) Invader uses tiles to create pixelated mosaic images of retro-1980s videogame characters, a la Space Invaders, in public spaces. This work in Nolita, New York City depicts an early model of a self-contained Apple Mac computer. © Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images

Invader Nolita II

New York street art: Another shot of fresh artwork by French street artist (Space) Invader, who uses tiles to create pixelated mosaic images of retro-1980s videogame characters, a la Space Invaders, in public spaces. We featured a few other shots of this work previously. © Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images

Nolita Invader

New York street art: Another rectangular-tile mosaic of 1980s retro-videogame imagery by French street artist Invader. This artwork is on Spring Street in Nolita, near SoHo. Unlike in many of Invader’s work, this mosaic establishes a context for the videogame image: an all-in-one ’80s Apple Mac computer. © Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images