How High-Low Can You Go? New Banksy Mural in London Rips Basquiat for Basquiat’s Sake

There’s a new Banksy in London!   Okay, okay, okay — calm down! We know how exciting this must be for you. Us, too! But let’s take a moment and catch our breath, ’cause this is no ordinary new piece of street art from the world’s most mysterious artist. The latest Banksy is ripping off one […]

Vice Magazine Asks the Question About Banksy We’ve All Wanted to Ask …

Vice Magazine reports on the latest artwork (below) by Banksy, which was put on a wall in the English seaside town of Clacton-on-Sea and then quickly removed by local government. The town leaders didn’t realize they were destroying a piece of street art potentially worth a significant fortune. The artwork is a piece of political […]

On the Scene … The Mini-Mob at Day 24 of Banksy in NYC

We just got back from a viewing of the most recent street art by British street artist Banksy as part of his “Better Out Than In” October residency in New York City. Banksy’s latest work was put up earlier today on a roller shutter covering the entrance to Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club & Lounge, a […]

Video of Art Critic’s Impromptu Talk at Banksy’s UWS Painting

This is the kind of wonderful New York City moment we cherish. New York Magazine’s art critic Jerry Saltz offers and impromptu art talk about Banksy’s recent street art piece on New York City’s Upper West Side.

Revisiting Banksy’s 9/11 Street Art …

We revisited the site of the Banksy 9/11 street art stencil in TriBeCa, in New York City, this past weekend. There was again a crowd of between a half-dozen and a dozen people viewing the artwork and — yet again — another argument was unfolding between a visitor and a local resident. Since our first […]

Breaking in NYC … Banksy’s “Mobile Garden” Truck in Greenwich Village Tonight …

We just caught up with the first Banksy truck, the one with the “mobile” garden” (a diorama-like nature scene with waterfall, rainbows, etc.) installed in the back of the vehicle, parked at the comer of Bleecker and Thompson streets in New York’s Greenwich Village. The mobile garden truck rolled out on October 5th, Day 5 […]

On the Scene … Banksy’s 9/11 Street Art in TriBeCa NYC

As part of his month-long October residency and “Better In Than Out” art show in New York City, Banksy on Tuesday put up this stencil street art piece in TriBeCa depicting lower Manhattan’s pre-9/11 skyline with the Twin Towers in silhouette. The artwork is at the base of a building at the corner Jay and […]

Banksy in NYC … Interactive Map of Banksy Street Art Locations

If you’re looking for each of the locations of Banksy’s New York October street exhibition (“Better in Than Out”), the Google Map below will help you hunt down the street art. It includes daily updates of the location of the roving Banksy truck. View Banksy: Better Out Than In in a larger map

Banksy in New York … The “Rebel Rocket Attack” Video is Brilliant …

In a post and YouTube video titled “Rebel Rocket Attack,”Banksy has shown that his best work of his current New York “Better In Than Out” street-art exhibition project may not be on the streets at all, but online and in video. The short video clip is a beguiling, charged and clever mash-up of footage […]

Hanksy’s “Will Ferrell Cat” Street Art Response to Banksy …

The street artist Hanksy strikes again in the Lower East Side of New York City. This time with a wheat-paste image of a pink-and-purple cat whose face is that of fictional news anchor Ron Burgundy as portrayed by actor Will Ferrell in the film “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.” The location of this street […]

On the Scene at Banksy’s “Better In Than Out” in NYC …

This is the first Banksy piece of the British street art superstar’s month-long October residency in New York, where he has been putting up or releasing a new piece of artwork everyday as part of his “Better In Than Out” street exhibition. The artwork is a stencil  painting depicting two life-size old-school NYC paper boys […]

Video: Banksy x Keyboard Cat

Lots of Internet lulz here in this short video wherein Web meme and viral superstar Keyboard Cat spoofs British street-art star Banksy and his Oscar-nominated documentary film “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” The feline mockumentary is titled “Exit Through the Pet Shop.”