Houston, Texas-based artist Ray Dunlap has unleashed a new series of paintings dubbed “American Made Witchcraft.” This new work delves deeper into abstraction. “The Cloning of the Forefathers” (above) and “10 Gallons of God’s Blood for an Ounce of Gold” (below) reveal Dunlap’s exploration of more fully amorphous compositions. These new paintings feel calmer and more focused than much of his previous work. (We previously posted some of Dunlap’s earlier artwork here.)

According to Dunlap, the “cloning” in the title refers to the ideas propagated by political leaders across broadcast and social media in attempts to “make sense out of non-sense.” He explained that his work on these paintings started after realizing how deeply clone-like “my generation was programmed via media to see and feel the same way as everyone else.” We can’t wait to see more of Dunlap’s new work.

“American Made Witchcraft” is on view September 3rd – 24th at the Bamboo art space, 4500 Montrose Blvd., Houston, Texas. Check out more of Ray Dunlap’s artwork via his Instagram @dunlapian