A new exhibition at the European House of Photography in Paris (Maison Européenne de la Photographie or MEP) showcases two giants of 20th Century photography. These are Japanese photographers Daido Moriyama and Shomei Tomatsu.

We’re massive fans of their body of work and have a small collection of their books. Two of these are pictured below. Exhibiting the work of both of them together in a single show is special in part because Moriyama and Tomatsu were contemporaries and friends. Tomatsu was eight years older and an established and renowned photographer when the aspiring Moriyama first met him.

Each has a distinct style, yet there’s a shared current in their relentless visual documentation of Tokyo’s cultural landscape and underbelly. The show is simply titled ” Moriyama – Tomatsu” and runs through October 24, 2021.