If you’re a regular visitor to this blog then you probably already know by now how obsessive we are when it comes to coffee.

But did you know we’re almost equally obsessive about good package design. So when when we discover a great coffee that ALSO has great package design – BOOM! – it’s like worlds colliding. BOOM! Our minds are blown. BOOM! We slide for a few fleeting moments into our very happy place. (Did we mention “BOOM!”?)

Such is the case with this bag of Joshua Tree Coffee espresso-roast beans. It’s the first new coffee we’ve tried in a good long while where our eyes virtually bugged out in surprise at the quality of the coffee.

And then, of course, there’s this boldly minimalist and beautiful packaging. The design employs a warm sans-serif typeface. Its logo is a silhouette of a yucca tree (a.k.a., Joshua Tree) growing out of a coffee cup on a dusty-pink background. It’s evocative of the Southern California desert and the town where the coffee is roasted. How great is this? Pretty great.