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Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei has produced a documentary film about the early days of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China. The film is called “Coronation” and can be viewed on demand on Vimeo, among other outlets.

The film (see ominous trailer above) appears to document the incredible effort and speed by the Chinese government to organize resources and mount a concerted, authoritative response to the viral outbreak. This includes the lock down of Wuhan, a mega-city of some 11 million people, part of a strategy to contain the virus and embark on a full-throttled, hyper-localized, and mercilessly strict approach to treating those exposed to the virus and seriously ill. It also is said to reveal the lives of ordinary people living in Wuhan at this time.

We’re looking forward to seeing this, though not sure what to expect based on the trailer, which looks visually stunning, but doesn’t give us a sense of what it’s going to tell us. Will it be a straightforward documentary in the journalistic vein with exposition, narrative and analysis, or rather something more artsy and impressionistic?