You’ve seen financial charts. Maybe they mean nothing to you. Or they mean everything. Maybe you’re a day trader with a phalanx of screens in your home office where you follow the minute-by-minute ups and downs of markets. Maybe you’re in finance have your very own Bloomberg terminal! Or your eyes glaze over such charts and the last time you gave one any attention was in Econ 101 class. Or maybe you’re like, “What’s a stock chart?”

If you’re like us, some where smack in the middle of those extremes, then you actually nerd out on charts and graphs, many of these charts visually are not easy on the eyes. In recent years, data visualization has come a long way into graphically representing and communicating data in more effective and attractive ways. For the most part, however, even colorful and well-considered charts (a la investment sites like Robinhood) can be bland and purely functional. They all tend to look the same.

Until Now. Until Gladys, a wife, mother and self-proclaimed “data artist” originally from Hawaii who turns stock charts into exquisite, beautiful illustrated landscapes referred to documented by her Instagram handle as @stoxart. Check out more of her of work on her website. and her Insta feed.