As life in the time of coronavirus continues, the importance of wearing masks as a protective measure is increasingly becoming understood and a normal part of our lives,

But there’s no getting around the fact that wearing masks for long periods of time is annoying and uncomfortable. It’s easy to forget to wear one at times. And the often bland, generic style of masks is not a great look. This may be deterring some people from wearing masks when they should — in public spaces, near other people, especially indoors.

To underscore the importance of wearing masks for protection and as a means of limiting the spread of COVID-19, some fashion-conscious colleagues of ours at ad a major advertising agency have just launched the Instagram account @WorkYourMask. It’s message is simple: Masks work, so work you mask. They’ve come up with the tagline “fashion the curve,” a play on the pandemic-response expression “flatten the curve.”

The idea is to showcase how people are creating and wearing their masks in ways that are stylish and expressions of their personal aesthetic. In other words, the mask should be approached as if it’s any other well-designed, fashionable wardrobe accessory. People are encouraged to take selfies with their masks and tag their images with the hashtag #workyourmask. So go check ’em out. And work your mask!