Look at this vintage Volkswagen Karmann Ghia! It’s gorgeous, practically in mint condition. Can you imagine cruising around Los Angeles’s beach cities in this convertible? Or cruising up Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) to Malibu on a sunny Saturday afternoon, hair flowing in the wind, and the old-school radio blaring 1960s surf rock (something like “Bustin’ Surfboards” by the Tornadoes) ? Yes, I know you can, dear reader!

And then, can you imagine, this beautiful machine breaking down and you standing by the side of the road while you wait for the tow-truck to arrive to carry this dreamy vehicle back to L.A. and to a mechanic who can “maybe take a look at it next week”? Yes, I know you can imagine that, too!

And can you imagine how much it’s going to cost to repair this rare, vintage vehicle for which there are few matching replacement parts? Ah, but living the dream comes at a price. And you factored the cost of such breakdowns and maintenance when you bought this thing, right? Sure, owning and driving a car like this is impractical, but style at all costs, right? 🙂