As you approach Little Darling Coffee Roasters for the first time, you’re not sure you’re in the right place. It’s a little hard to find. The coffee roasters and cafe are on a former industrial campus that’s been converted into a new vision of the urban experience with old warehouses re-purposed for retail and offices surrounding a small park space full of open outdoor seating and plants. The complex is called Share Green, and it is itself a little hard to find. It’s not clear where the entrance to th park is or where Little Darling is. But as you round the corner past the first gate there a building in the distance that makes it clear in the simplest term possibles: COFFEE painted in large letter across the front of the building. Seeing it evokes in you an almost Pavlovian response, a wave of excitement and a dopamine hit. Your caffeine-addicted mind-body is relieved. That’s of course where Little Darling must be. And it is. Little Darling is a legit coffee roastery. In the cafe you can order food and drinks. The coffee is first rate.