Beats made these Mickey Mouse headphones for fans of the iconic Disney mouse. Beats headphones, worn here by a colleague, are pretty damn good. Personally we think Bose makes better headphones, especially their noise-cancelling over-ear Bluetooth “ear goggles,” as late Beastie Boy Adam Yauch (a.k.a., MCA) might have called them. The Beats-Disney collabo looks good in terms of design, and any hardcore fan of Disney and Mickey Mouse would likely want a pair of these. But, do they — does anyone — really need Mickey Mouse headphones, even if they want them? They’re really expensive. And, let’s face it, Mickey Mouse anything is a bit childish, something that would seem appropriate for an eight-year-old kid. As well designed as these are, and as much as we like Mickey and the pantheon of Disney animated characters, if we’re going to be spending a small fortune on headphones, we prefer a less cartoony aesthetic.