Seriously, it took a while, but here it is, the new website of the esteemed Los Angeles County Museum of Art, a.k.a., LACMA, the crown jewel of the L.A. art world.

It’s a much-improved site. The obvious biggest change is its design. Yhe user-interface ( UI ) design and its “look and feel” have been updated and dramatically in terms of color and style. Where once the site was white, clean and spare, much like many art museum and gallery websites, and much like the white walls of a gallery, the new site is dark, with a black background.

The new look and feel is at once bolder, though restrained and sober without feeling austere or aloof. The spareness and minimalism are still here, if not more so in terms of functionality, but the site feels friendlier, easier, less uptight, and clearly designed for our contemporary multi-device, multi-screen world where we access web content via iPhone, laptop and tablet.