A colleague recently rocked this rad pullover hoodie with the words “Anti-High” on the front. On the back are black-and-white photos of pop singer Rihanna. Not surprisingly, the clothing is album merch from Ri Ri herself.

We saw this van parked in the far corner of the sprawling parking lot at our gym in Los Angeles yesterday. Is this not one of the creepiest-looking vans you’ve ever laid your eyes upon? The vehicle seems like a late 1970s or ‘80s make. It’s likely from an AmericanContinue Reading

This epic painting is by Los Angeles-based artist Mark Bradford. Its title is “160 Portrait Tone.” LACMA is showing the painting in a place of prominence. When you see it at first, the artwork hits you full force with its giant scale. Its gritty aesthetic — bold, typographically distressed sans-serifContinue Reading

Spotted in the wild at a cafe in Los Angele, this denim jacket with cartoon images from the classic Disney animated feature film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” One of the dwarfs, Dopey, is the centerpiece of the design. Would love to know if this Jean jacket is aContinue Reading

The artist Roy Lichtenstein is a giant of post-modern art, and, more precisely, the pop-art era of the 1960s. His iconic body of work is mostly comprised of paintings that took the visual language of newspaper comic strips and playfully re-contextualized the imagery and style of comics, literally reframing themContinue Reading

The latest issues of the magazines Monocle, the Surfer’s Journal, and — most exciting — Juxtapoz with photo of recent artwork by KAWS. Got the bases covered here: Art, design, and surfing. Only thing missing is a cup of espresso, but we try to avoid coffee before bedtime! Haha! 😉

“Noh” is a poster designed by Los Angeles-based Japanese designer Takenobu Igarashi. Using a mix of Roman and Japanese characters, and referencing the traditional Japanese noh theater genre, Igarashi’s design looks like graffiti art at first glance. The poster was designed for the Asian Performance Arts Institute at UCLA inContinue Reading

Did you know that words can die? It’s true. This stencil street art on the pavement in Venice Beach, in Los Angeles, is a virtual cemetery of words like “Cool,” “Art,” “Truth, and “Reality.” Each world has its own gravestone and years. Of course, most of these words are farContinue Reading

The oft-repeated quote “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” comes to mind here. The quote is attributed to Sigmund Freud in regards to phallic symbolism. To that we add, “Sometimes a contemporary sculptural art object is just a contemporary sculptural art object.” The artwork pictured above is by artistContinue Reading