Can something be too Instagrammable? That is the question, savvy reader. Our initial thought is, “Yes, yes something can be. ‘Too Instagrammablity’ (TI) is a thing.”

But then, upon further consideration, doubt creeps in, and we wonder further, “What does ‘too Instagrammable’ even mean?” It’s a binary, yes-or-no issue in terms of whether anything is Instagrammable at all. It either is or isn’t. And really, anything is Instagrammable by virtue of anybody taking a picture of something and posting it to Instagram.

What the question really means is beyond the literal. It is really to ask whether something — some would be photographic subject matter — has qualities that make it both desirable to share as an image, as an expression of the user’s tastes and evidence of their experience, and is easy to present as an attractive, visually compelling image that might garner lots of likes.

The store of the clothing brand Golf Wang on hip Fairfax Avenue in Hollywood, in Los Angeles, is Instagrammable. Architecture and design considerations aside, it’s the sculptural, kitschy  giant foot clad in pink sneakers sticking out of the roof of the store that has become a photogenic landmark. It is highly Instagrammable. Too Instragrammable. And brilliant marketing. 

. . . . .