This shit for real, y’all. Coca-Cola, the global mega-brand and carbonated soft drink, is getting a slightly new look. It’s changing the typeface used in all its branding and design to a new, bespoke font. It’s big news, so sit down and take moment, if you need one, savvy reader. 

It’s the first time in Coke’s 130-year history that the brand has created its own font. The new typeface is called TCCC Unity (see examples of it above and below).

Unity was designed by legendary British graphic designer Neville Brody, who designed the influential British pop-culture magazine the Face back in the 1980s and ’90s, among his many other design accomplishments.

Needless to say, billions of people worldwide will be affected by this. Sure, there lives won’t be shattered, they will not be traumatized, life will go on. But deep down inside, in their aesthetic, graphic-design-aware heart of hearts a little bit of each and every person will either have died a little death or been invigorated, a bit of pep added to their proverbial step, bracing with excitement as Coca-Cola’s new type enters the cultural landscape that befalls their eyes.