Among the vast art collection of billionaire businessman, philanthropist and art collector Eli Broad is a large collection of artworks by the late, great artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Pictured here are a handful of those Basquiats currently on view at the eponymous Broad Museum of Art in Los Angeles. (Note that our camera is broken and you’ll seen round, blurry shadow in the lower left of each image. Sorry! We guess it’s time for a new iPhone X!).

Broad is one of the biggest art collector sin the world  and has one of the world greatest private art collections, especially of contemporary art and post-modern and pop art. Most of it at his museum in LA. 

Broad was one of the early collectors of Basquiat and has many of the artist great works. You could call it a keen eye for a great artist and great artwork. And you could call it a love affair.