Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Royale Building … Los Angeles

On a recent visit to WiSpa, a sprawling Korean day-spa complex in Los Angeles, we spied from the spa’s rooftop lounge the top half of an elegant, old high-rise building in the distance. Atop the building was its name, Royale, in large, dark blue letters.

The building is a New York-style apartment building officially known as the Royale Wilshire. It stands out in the otherwise gritty urban landscape of its neighborhood, a blighted area tucked between the fringes of Downtown LA and Koreatown. Buildings of this style, size and age are rare in Los Angeles and harken to a bygone golden era of Hollywood glamour.

In spite of our many years of frequent visits to L.A. and living in the city part-time or for short spells, we’d never seen the Royale. A renovation of the building is planned as the neighborhood itself is slowly shedding its shabby skin and giving way to the gentrification wave. We imagine the building will become re-discovered landmark as the neighborhood’s profile rises in the years ahead.

Street Art by Dain X Dee Dee … Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Fresh street art by the artists “Dain” and “Dee Dee” (#deedeewashere) wheat-pasted on double doors on North 7th Street near Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. North 7th is a veritable street art gallery. When we’re in Billyburg, we often stop in at Toby’s Estate down the street for coffee and then do a quick cruise down N. 7th towards the East River waterfront looking for fresh artwork.