Beautiful freshly painted mural of Japanese cherry blossoms tree on the wall of a well-trod underpass in Naka-Meguro in Tokyo. The mural is so new that there was still a wet paint sign taped up on the wall when we visited the mural.

American artist Curtis Kulig’s cursive “Love me” graffiti message is a global street art icon, a viral, real-world visual meme that universally resonates. We’ve seen it everywhere and in some unusual places — from NYC to Amsterdam, Brooklyn to Tokyo — in the form of spray-painted graffiti, brush-painted murals and,Continue Reading

The sleek, low-slung gray structure that is the 21_21 Design Sight building in Tokyo’s Akasaka neighborhood was created by two giants of Japanese design, fashion designer Issey Miyake and architect Tadao Ando. Opened in 2007, the building is the home to design exhibitions and events curated by a group ofContinue Reading