In 2009, the Brazilian twin-brother street-artist duo who go by the name Os Gemeos painted a massive mural at the “Deitch Wall,” also called the Bowery Wall, at the northwest corner of Bowery and Houston streets in downtown New York CIty. At the time, Global Graphica covered the event and posted images of artwork.

The wall had become a huge public art space that was made famous a couple of decades earlier as the site of a mural by pioneering 1980s’ artist Keith Haring. (That Haring mural was reproduced in the same space many years later just prior to the Os Gemeos’ mural was painted in ’09.) The mural by Os Gemeos was on view for a few months and then — unbeknownst¬† to many — was covered up and preserved by a faux wall layer, an outer surface that became a new commissioned space for rotating artwork by rising stars in the global street art scene that would change every few months.

Last week, after five years, the outer wall was removed to reveal that original OS Gemeos painting from 2009. It looks as fresh and original now as it did then. Brilliant.