Vice Magazine reports on the latest artwork (below) by Banksy, which was put on a wall in the English seaside town of Clacton-on-Sea and then quickly removed by local government. The town leaders didn’t realize they were destroying a piece of street art potentially worth a significant fortune. The artwork is a piece of political commentary satirizing the anti-migrant sentiment in some parts of the U.K., notably Clacton, an election district represented by a politician campaigning on restricting immigration. The Banksy artwork was misinterpreted as a racist message and deemed offensive, Thus it being scrubbed. And thus the outrage that a Banksy artwork has been destroyed. Amid this controversy, Vice asks an interesting question: Why is it that Banksy’s street art is exempt from vandalism laws while that of other, not-famous street artists is not. (Hint: It’s the money.) More pix on the Banksy website.

banksy-clacton-on-seaImage from via