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Update … Fresh Graff at Ludlow Street Art Gallery

Literally within 24 hours of our previous post about the blank black-painted wall on Ludlow Street (“the Ludlow Street Art Gallery”) in New York’s Lower East Side, somebody took a spray-can to the wall and tagged it in a large silver-paint scrawl of graffiti in the crudest way. It would be awesome to actually see some real art instead. But the graffiti signifies the first volley returned after the wall was repainted a day earlier in the ongoing cat-and-mouse game of what the wall looks like.


Urban Life … This Blank Wall in NYC is Begging for Street Art

This freshly-painted black brick wall pictured below on Ludlow Street just south of Grand Street (the “Ludlow Street Art Gallery”) in New York’s Lower East Side is essentially a blank canvas for street artists and graffiti writers. A mere 24 hours before this picture was taken Wednesday evening, the wall was covered with a lot of wheat-pasted street art and a smattering of mostly aimless bad graffiti that had slowly accreted in layers during the past few months. In the interim 24 hours, a crew of two middle-aged male Chinese workers were scraping the wheat-pasted posters off the wall and painting over what remained. The result is a wall that is just begging for some new, fresh artwork.


Street Art … The Return of Magda Love in NYC

Artist Magda Love is back in New York City with some wild-posting of her illustrated-graphic street art. This retro-cassette tape wheat-pasted art piece by Magda went up Wednesday morning (Tuesday night?) on Ludlow Street, in that stretch just south of Grand Street we’ve dubbed the “Ludlow Street Art Gallery” in the Lower East Side.




On the Scene … At the Frieze NY 2014 Art Fair

We spent part of our weekend at the third annual Frieze NY art fair on Randall’s Island, New York City. The art fair has quickly gained a foothold in New York as a leading contemporary art event in what is arguably the art capital of the world.

Frieze NY is the sister art fair of Frieze London, itself the spawn of the visionaries from Frieze magazine. The New York fair is held in one massive, snaking translucent tent that stretches the lengths of several football fields.

The sheer number of galleries present at the fair and the number of artworks these galleries show can be dizzying, but the event is a great way to sample the global stock of contemporary art and artists and the galleries representing them.









On the Scene … At the Toms Roasting Co. Cafe Concept Store, Los Angeles

The innovative, popular and charitable shoe-making company Toms has recently opened a coffee roaster and cafe in an airy bungalow that doubles as a concept store in the fashionable Abbott-Kinney neighborhood of Venice, in Los Angeles.