Here’s some fresh wheat-paste street art by the artist “Pastey Whyte.” The “wheatie” covers an advertisement for the band Bastille on a building hoarding facing the West Side Highway in Chelsea art galleries district.

We stumbled upon this “Beware of Dog” sign on the gate of small house in the town of Carpinteria, in Santa Barbara County, California, last weekend. What struck us was how the bold typographical warning of the sign contrasted to the very small, cute dog lying on the front lawnContinue Reading

The street art of the prolific New York artist Fumero is a reliable presence on the landscapes of downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. His series of “Grampa” illustrations are rendered and wheat-pasted in various sizes, colors and styles, but rarely as large as this new, giant line-drawing “wheatie” that just wentContinue Reading

Our contributing editor Ryan Baum came across this super awesome mural by the ever-prolific Shepard Fairey at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Providence, Rhode Island. Fairey’s artwork here is  site specific, drawing from local architectural imagery and referencing the city’s important industrial history. Great stuff. Ryan Baum images.Continue Reading

This ping pong table installed in the second-floor terrace of the first-rate Hammer Museum in Los Angeles (and, by design, the museum-visiting couple playing) is a conceptual piece of installation sound art titled “Sound Piece for the Hammer Museum,” one of a series of projects at the museum by MachineContinue Reading

Artist Tom Friedman has a penchant for creating giant, realistic sculptures of popular American junk food. Here we see his large-scale 3D renderings of food-culture icons the Twinkie, Ding Dong, and Sno Ball. His sculpture of a giant wall-mounted pizza artwork sold by the Luhring Augustine Gallery for U.S.$270,000 atContinue Reading

Haculla is among the most prolific and reliable artists putting up street art in downtown New York City, especially in SoHo. But it’s rare to see his work on truck in Chinatown.