This recent work by Hanksy (a portmanteau of Banksy x Hanks, as in Tom Hanks) on Orchard Street in New York’s Lower East Side is a mash-up of graphics and illustration featuring a bald eagle with the head of actor Bryan Cranston, the star of the American television series “BreakingContinue Reading

The “Vandal” street art painting by influential and pioneering (he was an inspiration to Banksy) U.K. stencil artist Nick Walker on Eldridge Street, deep in New York’s Lower East Side-Chinatown interzone, has quickly become a neighborhood landmark. The artwork was put up in the summer of 2012. These fresh imagesContinue Reading

We replaced our favorite pair of salmony-red Van’s lace-up sneakers after the canvas got torn on the edge of a bike pedal on a ride last week. We couldn’t find the exact same salmony-red model so we decided to change things up and bought this classic pair of vanilla Van’sContinue Reading

We were on a swiftly moving train at night somewhere along New Jersey’s string of sprawling seaside towns when the lights suddenly went out in the train car except for the signage that read “This Station.”

We first saw this handwritten-styled, street-artsy graffiti message “I will miss you …” a couple of months ago next to the famous Deitch Wall art space at Bowery and Houston streets in NoHo, in downtown New York City.¬†Our post of images of that graffiti on Global Graphica¬†seemed to resonate withContinue Reading