You can find Brian Mylius’ pieces throughout various parts of Venice. The local artist combines bright colors and detailed shading to depict abstractions of local inner-city life. Mylius’ latest mural juxtaposes the oblivious serenity of beach life with the menacing city beyond. We really like how he plays with theContinue Reading

There’s a building at the corner of Kent and S. 5th streets in Brooklyn’s Willamsburg neighborhood that’s completely covered with an epic mural, the kind of street-art takeover of a building that’s pretty rare and thus all the more stunning.

Taxi pulls up. Passenger gets out. Passenger leaves the door open for new passenger who swoops in. The series of photos below show the process as it transpired recently on Ludlow Street in New York City’s Lower East Side on a hot and humid summer evening. Classic.

Over drinks with friends on a recent hot, humid evening in New York’s  Lower East Side, the conversation turned to the subject of design, specifically Ikea and some of the Swedish company’s flatware products. Our friend S. drew this literal napkin sketch of what the Ikea fork and knife looksContinue Reading

Fresh street art by Dain, one of Global Graphica’s favoritie artists. This wheat-paste street art piece, like much of Dain’s work, is in SoHo, in downtown New York City.