Photos of “Untitled” red amaca by influential German artist Rosemarie Trockel at the Sprueth Magers gallery space at the recent 2013 Armory Show in New York City. We’re a fan of her work in general, though we’re not so enthralled by this artwork as much as we are by itsContinue Reading

We got a visit from a bulldog while having our morning coffee at Lost Weekend NYC, a surf-themed espresso bar and gallery in the Lower East Side around the corner from our HQ. The dog was being walked along Orchard Street and suddenly plopped down in front of our groupContinue Reading

We’re spending part of our Sunday afternoon nursing an Americano at La Colombe Torrefaction, one of our favorite espresso bars in New York City, breaking-in some new journalism gear, a new Moleskine soft-cover reporters notebook and our Japanese Pigma Micron felt pen.

Robin Hoodd (with two “d”s) wheat-paste street art on a mailbox at the corner of Prince and Crosby Streets. At first glance, we thought the face in this street artwork was that of French soccer star Thierry Henry, but it’s not. Anyway, these posters have been popping up everywhere downtownContinue Reading

Classic framed poster for Les Aventures de Tintin for the “Au Pays des Soviets” edition of the comic book series by Belgian author Herge (a.k.a, Georges Remi). This poster is in the bathroom of the Belgian restaurant Petite Abeille in Tribeca, in New York City. The entire restaurant is decoratedContinue Reading

Fresh street art on Crosby Street in SoHo, New York City: This wheat-paste street artwork shows a pair of woman’s legs and feet in striped stockings and red high-heel shoes stuck to a wad of chewing gum. At first glance, we thought this was street art from the artist Bast,Continue Reading

These wheat-pasted Alife ad posters on Crosby Street, in SoHo, are trying to be provocative but feel conceptually kind of tired to us, even though we’re seeing them here for the first time. We suppose the ads work on a brand-awareness level, since we’d forgotten the clothing brand and hadn’tContinue Reading

Another instance of Gummy Bear mugshot street art by WhIsBe in downtown New York City. It seems like these are EVERYwhere in downtown Manhattan and in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.