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Street Art Remix of “Girl with the Pearl Earring”


This street art poster in SoHo, in New York, is a remix of the classic Dutch master painter Johannes Vermeer’s famous “Girl with the Pearl Earring” painting, upon which a layer of patterns has been graphically composited on the subject’s face and clothes.




Biggest-Selling Living Chinese Artist Zao Wou Ki Died …

Massively influential Chinese artist Zao Wou Ki died in Switzerland earlier this month at the age of 92, though we just found out about his passing now. Born and raised in China, Zao later studied and launched his career in Paris and became one of the important voices in establishing Europe’s avant-garde. He was also the biggest-selling living Chinese artist, and in recent years one of the biggest-selling artists in the world, as the New York Times obituary points out:

Mr. Zao’s paintings, which are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim and the Tate Modern, among others, have sold at auction in recent years for between $1 million and $2 million each. Since 2011, when sales of his paintings totaled $90 million, art journals and art dealers have frequently referred to him as the top-selling living Chinese artist.

Below is the Getty photo the New York Times photo published with the obituary. (Thanks, Ryan, for the tip!)

zao wou ki