Recreational equipment and outdoor clothing brand REI has launched the super awesomely design and fun interactive REI 1440 Project, a photo-timeline website that aggregates and displays user-generated photos for each minute of every day (there are 1,440 minutes in a day, hence the project name.) There’s a timeline that allowsContinue Reading

Lots of hanging pairs of shoes on a wire strung diagonally across the intersection of Eldridge and Broome streets in the Lower East Side of downtown Manhattan, New York City. It’s difficult to see due to the contrast and silhouetting of the shoes from the bright background of the sky,Continue Reading

There’s a Mattel toy store in the Delta Airlines terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). WTF? Who knew? Well, we do, now. So in case we need a set of Hot Wheels at the last minute, we’re all sorted out. The shopping-mall-ification of airports isn’t new. In places likeContinue Reading

Recent street art work on downtown New York City by Baltimore artist “Nether Bmore,” who visits NYC occasionally to show new work. This wheat-paste artwork appears on the Spring Street side of the always-graffiti-and-street-art-bombed former bank building at 190 Bowery owned and occupied by photographer Jay Maisel and his family.

This un-bought giant billboard ad-space is on 11th Avenue in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.(Officially the neighborhood is called Clinton but NOBODY in NYC calls it by that name, nor do people call it Midtown West. It’s Hell’s Kitchen.) The billboard is owned by ad-media company Van Wagner whichContinue Reading