Monthly Archives: January 2013

Super Awesome REI 1440 Project Website Design

Recreational equipment and outdoor clothing brand REI has launched the super awesomely design and fun interactive REI 1440 Project, a photo-timeline website that aggregates and displays user-generated photos for each minute of every day (there are 1,440 minutes in a day, hence the project name.) There’s a timeline that allows users to scroll back and see photos and the minute the images were posted. The site was just recognized as Site of the Day at The FWA.


Hanging Shoes in The Lower East Side of New York City

Lots of hanging pairs of shoes on a wire strung diagonally across the intersection of Eldridge and Broome streets in the Lower East Side of downtown Manhattan, New York City. It’s difficult to see due to the contrast and silhouetting of the shoes from the bright background of the sky, but at least one pair of sneakers has been yarn bombed as a street-art object by the artist Olek (a.k.a., Agata Olek).




The Mattel Store at LAX

There’s a Mattel toy store in the Delta Airlines terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). WTF? Who knew? Well, we do, now. So in case we need a set of Hot Wheels at the last minute, we’re all sorted out.

The shopping-mall-ification of airports isn’t new. In places like London Heathrow, Amsterdam Schipol, Milan Malpensa, Dubai and Barcelona (especially Barcelona!), the airport terminals are practically luxury shopping malls on their own. But aside from the usual duty free, magazines-and-snacks and tourist merch stores and retail food chains, there aren’t as many major luxury or mid-range retail brands with stand-alone stores in most major American airports.

But that seems to be changing rapidly, though through a process that we imagine has been years in the making. The Mattel store is an example. At Atlanta’s Hartsfield, there’s a Kiehl’s. At New York’s JFK’s Jet Blue terminal there’s a Muji store. and the Virgin America terminal at JFK really looks more like a shopping mall than an airport.





The New Jack Hanley Gallery and Nicelle Beauchene Gallery Spaces in New York City

The number of serious art galleries in the Lower East Side (L.E.S.) continues to grow at an alarming clip. Among the newer art venues to have opened in recent months is the large space (at least, by L.E.S. standards) at 327 Broome Street, home now to the Jack Hanley Gallery and the Nicelle Beauchene Gallery. In the art-and-edgy-fashion-soaked area of the L.E.S. south of Delancey Street, on the fringes of Chinatown, it seems like you can’t throw a stone in any direction without hitting an art gallery.  We love it.







Buzz? Billboard in New York City

This un-bought giant billboard ad-space is on 11th Avenue in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.(Officially the neighborhood is called Clinton but NOBODY in NYC calls it by that name, nor do people call it Midtown West. It’s Hell’s Kitchen.) The billboard is owned by ad-media company Van Wagner which is advertising the space with their own ad featuring an image of a bee and the simple line “Buzz?”