Hey Everybody! This is Van of GlobalGraphica. Hope everybody out there is safe and ok, especially our fellow New Yorkers and everybody affected by Hurricane Sandy.

As you may already know, we post to this website from a lot of places, but we mostly run the site from New York City, in the Lower East Side of downtown Manhattan. For those who know a little NYC geography, that’s basically in the area near Chinatown, SoHo, Nolita, the East Village, etc.

Due to the massive damage to the NYC electric-power grid and sub-stations caused by Hurricane Sandy, we’ve been without electricity, without cellphone service, and consequently without heat and Internet access since Monday. (We’ve also been without freshly ground espresso, which hurts, given our coffee addiction, but that’s truly a first-world problem and we can cope.) We have a roof over our heads. We have friends and places we can go to in Brooklyn and Uptown where there’s power.

Things could be A LOT worse. In fact, there are A LOT of people in Manhattan without running water due to the electricity being knocked out. And, of course, for some, there are much graver, grimmer circumstances and losses that by comparison make what we’re experiencing with the loss of electricity seem relatively unimportant. The devastation wrought upon the Rockaway Beach and Red Hook areas of Queens and Brooklyn respectively is shocking. Our hearts and thoughts go out to those who have suffered most.

We’ll be posting a little less frequently until the power comes back on. We don’t know when that will be, but, of course, the sooner, the better.

Thanks and be well,


Producer, GlobalGraphica