The Los Angeles Time’s recently ran a story about the innovated preservation of an iconic, massive mural painted by artist Johanna Poethig on a downtown L.A. building in 1993. As the L.A. Times’ photo below shows, the mural, titled “Calle de la Eternidad,” is currently under scaffolding as work is being done for the mural project.

What makes this preservation and restoration so unusual is the painting is being digitally preserved and re-scaled so that it can be moved — that is,  re-painted — to another wall of the same building its on. A non-profit organization called the Social & Public Art Resource Center, or SPARC, is leading the effort and has employed a technology and process that is fascinating:

The mural, measuring 42-feet-wide and 72-feet-tall, has been scanned and photographed using 120 digital frames by SPARC. The plan is for the images to be stitched together so Poethig can take brush to screen and digitally re-create the painting. A fabric canvas, 20% smaller than the original acrylic-on-concrete mural, will adorn the building once it’s renovated.