“Shenzhen” is the first in a series of travelogue-like graphic novels by French-Canadian (and now Paris-based) animator and illustrator Guy Delisle. We love its artwork and the cover.

We’ve been excited about Delisle’s work ever since we stumbled upon his book “Pyongyang” a couple of years ago.

That discovery led us to his novel “Burma Chronicles,” and in turn to the beautifully drawn “Shenzhen.”

Delisle’s graphic storytelling is about his personal experience’s working at animation studios for months at a time in countries with oppressive regimes, where daily life and societies are shaped – sometimes to comic absurdity – by the difficult political circumstances.

His comic books read like illustrated diaries. These are the highly personal journals of a keen observer and chronicler of life in strange, foreign circumstances..

Delisle’s recently published and biggest novel to date is “Jerusalem.” We can’t wait to read it.