We went to an all-night soba noodles shop at 5:00 AM after having spent the night out bar-hopping through Shibuya, in Tokyo, with the team from RGH Daikanyama Group. Before filing into the restaurant to place our orders, the eight of us studied the plastic models of various soba dishesContinue Reading

The Mori Art Museum is a world-class contemporary art space in Tokyo, and, in our opinion, it’s the best in Japan. The museum’s curators have consistently organized serious and exciting exhibitions of work by well-known and emerging international artists. (The current show is no exception.) The entrance to the museumContinue Reading

The infamous graffiti sticker tagger BNE strikes with his ubiquitous sticker (and POKE)  in Daikanyama, in Tokyo, Japan. This BNE tag is different from the usual sticker. “BNE WATER ORG” refers to a global initiative launched under the BNE moniker to address social problems in countries and communities around theContinue Reading

We stumbled across this street art in Shibuya last night. The image is of a little girl in a pink rain slicker and boots, but underneath is the message “I hate rain” and the symbol of radiation. In light of the events at Fukushima in 2011, it puts the messageContinue Reading

We arrived in Tokyo late in the evening and went directly from Haneda airport to a lounge to meet up with our collaborators from RGH Daikanyama Group for a round of drinks and night of bar hopping in Shibuya. Below is a pic we snapped at Shibuya Crossing, a massiveContinue Reading

We’re blogging from Tokyo for a few weeks. Our project is focus our eyes on fresh art, architecture,  design, street art, etc., in the Japanese capital.